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Kind Words from Past Clients

Well-Placed Priorities

From: Kathryn

May 24, 2016

I recently consulted with Jason Hahn about finalizing an injury claim, and am thankful that I did. A different lawyer had abandoned me after more than a year, saying I couldn't get a good settlement. Because of outstanding medical bills, I had to negotiate whatever settlement I could, but I was embarrassed and reluctant to ask for help after my first experience. Jason restored my faith. He listened, advised, and even followed up with me. He did this not for money, but because he had time and didn't think anyone else would help me. He didn't make me feel awkward in any way, in spite of the awkward situation. He clearly values feeling good about what he does more than getting rich.

Jason was exceptionally helpful and thorough. This combined with his down to earth demeanor, ethics, and genuine kindness, made him an ideal person to work with. These seem to be a rare combination of qualities for a personal injury attorney, and I would highly recommend Jason to anyone who shares these values.

Very giving with his time, even if there's no money in it for him.

From: Randy

April 7, 2016

Hahn recognized immediately there was little hope for me to press my case in court for a better settlement with the insurance company, and took time to explain the situation thoroughly, offering what advice he could for how I may proceed on my own, answering my questions even though there was no money in it for him...

Thank you!

From: Michelle

February 18, 2016

I can't say enough about Jason. He is an amazing attorney who will go to bat for you with everything that he has. He is devoted and is very knowledgable in his field. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in a personal injury case. Thanks for all your hard work!

Great Attorney

From: Anonymous

February 17, 2015

Jason handled a wrongful death for my daughter regarding her mother. This was a very trying time for us, and not having to deal with the insurance company took a lot off my shoulders. Jason was able to secure a settlement into a trust for my daughter. Jason is an excellent attorney.

Excellent Attorney & Great to Work With

From: DR

January 6, 2015

Jason is not only knowledgeable, but is friendly to work with. He thoroughly explains everything to you, and gives you some smiles during what would otherwise be no laughing matter. Jason got me in excess of $35K in my pocket more than another driver's insurance company offered me. Bottom line is he's a great attorney and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Thank you Jason for all your help

From: Carmen

May 22, 2014

After being involved in an auto/injury accident three years ago, I realized I needed legal advise before I could move on and put the past behind me as much as possible. I did make that phone call since the pain from the accident was not going away after getting medical attention, not to mention my vehicle was totaled. After making that call I got an immediate response. I felt totally lost until I met up with Jason. He then led me step by step relieving so much anxiety. At no point was I told what to do, I was given detailed options along with the pros and con. Jason was very good about working around my schedule and never rushed me into making decisions.

Jason Hahn is excellent

From: Gina

September 23, 2013

Jason was very professional, successful and made the process very smooth. Everything was done in a timely manner, given the circumstances. Jason responded to my questions in a timely manner. He was so helpful the entire way through the case. He knew how to handle every detail, was very informative and I felt very comfortable that my case was in his hands.

Thank you for your concern for me

From: anonymous

March 14, 2013

I was getting nowhere with the insurance company and they didn't want to claim any of their responsibility. Jason's concern for me was wonderful! I would recommend Jason and this firm.

Very Impressed

From: Faith

February 2, 2013

Jason was very thorough going through any and all information about my case. We met before and after the deposition. He informed me of what to expect going into deposition and gave me guidlines to make sure my deposition was as effective as possible. The same at mediation. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is considering hiring an attorney. I had hesitation as to if I wanted to hire an attorney after my accident. I'm very happy that I did!

Honest, reliable attorney

From: Brooke

October 18, 2010

My husband and I were very pleased with the services provided by Mr. Hahn. He kept us informed of the will preparation process and ensured we paid heed to key documents. He helped us think through this complex process, translated legal terminology into understandable terms and enabled us to make informed decisions. We highly recommend Mr. Hahn.