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Slip-And-Fall Injuries

Skilled Premises Liability Counsel And Representation

Slip-and-fall injuries are complex and difficult cases. We all have a responsibility to use due care in our activities. This includes both the owner of the premises where the accident occurs, and the person who slips or trips and falls. The most difficult cases are those involving ice and snow during the frigid Wisconsin winters we experience each year. There are other circumstances in which liability is relatively clear, and others where liability is difficult. Who is at fault for your fall and resulting injuries is the main battleground in these cases.

Does this mean that slip-and-fall cases are not worth pursuing? The only way to know is to contact an attorney and go through the facts exactly as they occurred to determine if there is a claim worth pursuing. Call me at Hahn Law Office, LLC, in Madison, Wisconsin. I will give you my honest opinion. The call will cost you nothing, and you will be under no obligation to retain me. You have nothing to lose by simply having a conversation with an attorney.

What To Do After A Slip-And-Fall Accident

If you slip and fall, and believe it is due to the negligence of another person or entity, try your best to take the following steps, as soon as possible:

  • Take photographs of the exact area where you fell immediately. Send a family member or friend if necessary. The site of your fall can look completely different within minutes or even hours of your fall. Without a photograph of the exact site where you fell as it looked when you fell, your case becomes more difficult. Not impossible, simply more difficult.
  • Write down exactly what happened before your fall, during the fall, and after your fall, as soon as you are able. Address this as a letter to your potential attorney, rather than writing it as a diary or note to yourself of some kind. The wording should be unemotional and detailed. You should describe exactly what happened, no more, no less. Keep any negative or angry comments about whomever you may feel is at fault out of the document. Any contact you had with the owner, or anyone responsible for maintaining that area, should be included in this letter. It should read like a police report or a doctor's note.
  • Write down the names, addresses, phone numbers, or even the physical descriptions of anyone who may have seen you fall, or who you saw in the area. Witnesses, if they exist, can typically only be identified by you.
  • Make sure to advise the owner or manager of the property that this accident has occurred, when it occurred, and whether you were injured, and do it in writing. A phone call is not sufficient. And again, make the letter brief, unemotional, but polite.

I do not charge slip-and-fall victims any legal fees unless they agree to my standard retainer and I obtain a financial recovery for them. There are no out-of-pocket costs to hire me as your attorney or to discuss your case with me. To schedule a no-obligation consultation to talk about your options, please fill out this form or call 608-347-7552.